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I'm Working On Stuff!

I'm producing new video content, appearing in livestream gigs, writing songs, experimenting with puppetry, painting, writing peculiar fiction, worrying about the future, eating too much cheese, struggling to sleep, and desperately missing the relative comfort and security of The Beforetimes! Check this website regularly for further developments and awesome new Gabriel Featherstone content.  CLICK HERE to watch Gabriel Featherstone Sings The Gabriel Featherstone Songbook!

BBC Séance!

We (Chunks) did a podcast pilot thing for BBC Sounds! 
It's a fully improvised comedy séance, featuring myself, Sandy Bouttell, Paul McDaniel, Chris Thorburn, Richard Brown and Donny Vostok.
You'll love it if you've ever wanted to hear me pretend to be murdered by the ghost of a pig.

CLICK HERE to listen!


CHUNKS is an award-winning alternative comedy collective that I'm absolutely delighted to be part of. Chortle called us a "two-fingered salute to conventional entertainment and social decorum", while The National  described us as "lying somewhere between Monty Python, Mighty Boosh, League of Gentlemen & The Fast Show".

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"A handmade, one-person carnivàle. Gabriel is the worthy heir to a noble line of fringe-dwelling loons."

Robert Wringham, author of

You Are Nothing and A Loose Egg.


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