Gabriel Featherstone:
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Frankenstein Revue!

Check out Gabriel Featherstone's Frankenstein Revue, a lovely video scrapbook of all my best recorded stand-up, sketches and songs, and also some new stuff that might also be good!
The Frankenstein Revue was assembled for The Southside Fringe's Plugged In & Wired online arts festival in 2021. 
There's a great bit in it where a small porcelain clown uses a slice of ham as a blanket.
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The World Show!

The World Show is an awesome new comedy chat show hosted by Ross Foley and produced by The Monkey Barrel Comedy Club.
It's full of amazing comedy talent and deserves to be seen and loved by everyone who's ever lived.
I wrote a bunch of jokes for the first episode and appeared in it as various messed-up characters, including a sewer dwelling toilet expert, a noble caveman and a very unorthodox history teacher.
CLICK HERE to see the show!



CHUNKS is an award-winning alternative comedy collective that I'm absolutely delighted to be part of. Chortle called us a "two-fingered salute to conventional entertainment and social decorum", while The National  described us as "lying somewhere between Monty Python, Mighty Boosh, League of Gentlemen & The Fast Show".

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Toy Soldier

"A handmade, one-person carnivàle. Gabriel is the worthy heir to a noble line of fringe-dwelling loons."

Robert Wringham, author of

You Are Nothing and A Loose Egg.