• Gabriel Featherstone

Art Smashes The Lockdown Blues

Coronavirus lockdowns are as miserable as they are important, and often feel eternal. Everything you enjoy doing becomes either illegal of offputtingly stressful and a pervasive sense of mortal terror infects every aspect of your life. They are bleak, oppressive, and unwelcome necessities. Thankfully, despite the restrictions and gloom, art was able to flourish and provide comfort during these maddening times. I put out a call on social media for artists who wanted to share the work they'd produced during lockdown. Here's some cool stuff I received.

Ruth Hunter wrote and starred in this amazing comedy sketch about ducks and horrifying fragility of joy. The sketch also stars Chris Thorburn as a clearly disturbed man who becomes overly invested in an imaginary duck-centered social drama. The sketch was directed by Conor O' Toole. Ruth's comedy talk show, The Ruth Hurts, is also well worth checking out. It's like a classy version of The Eric Andre Show.

Martin Bearne made a series of warped and unnerving relaxation videos, designed to horrify and soothe the general public into a state of palpable wellbeing! Martin was one of many stand-up comedians featured in BBC Scotland's The Comedy Underground. His 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Show, Broken Funnies, combined serious theatre, silly one-liners and a thoughtful examination of trauma to create one of the most incredible and surprising shows ever performed in a pub basement. It richly deserves a very long run in a big fancy theatre when such things are permissible again.

Dharma Gheddon released an amazing song and produced the incredibly professional looking music video for it entirely in their living room! Dharma Geddon is one of the most innovative and technically accomplished drag artists operating in the Scottish Cabaret scene. They've hosted and organised numerous highly respected revues, including the Dragopticon showcase at The Britannia Panopticon Music Hall in Glasgow. You can find more about the production of this incredibly stylish video, and about Dharma's other lockdown activities, here. If you've made something awesome during lockdown, send it to yesgabrielfeatherstone@gmail.com and I'll feature it in a future article!