Things I've Done

Here Are Some Links To Some Things I've Done -

CHUNKS' Improvised Halloween Séance on BBC Sounds

The Question Prince Interviews Gabriel Featherstone for GICF 2017

CHUNKS' Alternative Christmas Gift Guide in The Skinny

Jim The Hobbit's Wish I Was Back In The 70's Music Video on YouTube

A Bad Film I Wrote When I Was A Teenager, Which I Can't Remove From YouTube 'Cause I've Forgotten The Password 

Me, Paul McDaniel and Oliver Coleman are featured in an episode of Where To, Britain?; a short documentary series on All 4.  Dawn French provides narration, and it’s about Uber Drivers interviewing their passengers. No footage of our interview - which was about the trials and tribulations of being an obscure alternative comedian - has actually made it into the finished program, but they have included some wonderful footage of us all getting into a car and politely saying “hello”. 


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