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Gabriel Featherstone is a humble cloud of broken thoughts and memories, trapped inside a mobile prison of rapidly deteriorating flesh.

He is also a stand-up comedian from Glasgow.

Described by comedy historian Robert Wringham as being "the noble heir to a worthy line of fringe-dwelling loons", Gabriel  is well known in Scottish cabaret circles for having written a really catchy song about cabbages. 

He is a member of CHUNKS, a Glasgow-based alternative comedy collective with three Scottish Comedy Awards and a smashing review on Chortle.

He has performed in several places and situations, including The Stand Comedy Club, The Monkey Barrel Comedy Club, The Blue Arrow Jazz Club, The Britannia Panopticon Music Hall, The Rose Theatre, The Polo Lounge, The National Museum of Scotland, The Eden Music Festival, Solfest and The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society.

Gabriel has organised several alternative variety shows in Glasgow, including Doctor Smiley's Weirdo Theatre for The Britannia Panopticon Music Hall and The Boiling Dolphin Show for The Blue Chair Café.

He is also a prolific contributor to Project X, The Monkey Barrel Comedy Club's regular showcase for alternative and experimental comedy, and Spangled Cabaret, Glasgow's longest running alternative variety night.

Gabriel has written three one-man shows - Carved From Ape (2017), Whelk Ham Tomb Eye Toybox (2018), and The Toys That Broke Me (2019). He is also the co-founder, with fellow comedian Ruth Hunter, of TinselGuts Cabaret: an alternative variety showcase based in Glasgow. 

He is currently banned from Twitter for impersonating a Teletubbie without permission.